Puppia Soft Dog Harness


The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is a real winner for comfort and is a best seller for your dogs!! All my Puppia products are Authentic and Genuine. The Soft Harness



The Puppia Soft Dog Harness is a real winner for comfort and is a best seller for your dogs!! All my Puppia products are Authentic and Genuine. The Soft Harness by Puppia Int’l inc. is comfy and stylish. The front and collar portion is made of a cushy mesh polyester that fits broadly across your dog’s chest so he can walk comfortably and any pressure from the leash is distributed evenly across his neck and shoulders instead of at his neck! When measuring your little dog for the Soft Harness, take into account that the neck is not adjustable and must fit over your dogs head My 13 lb shih tzu/maltese wears a size Medium My 22 lb miniature schnauzer wears a size Large X-SMALL – Neck 7.5-8.5″, Chest 11-13.5″ SMALL – Neck 9-10″, Chest 12-18″ MEDIUM – Neck 12-13″, Chest 15-24″ LARGE – Neck 14-15.5″, Chest 19-29″ X-LARGE – Neck 15-16.5″, Chest 22-32″ Fast Shipping

Puppia Soft Harness

The Puppia Soft Harness is our best selling harness. It is made out of 100% Polyester Air Mesh, which is light-weight, breathable and very soft to the touch. Available in 12 different colors and 6 sizes, this harness is sure to fit most dogs very comfortably. This harness features soft edges (piping), some in contrasting colors, a genuine Puppia rubber label on the chest portion, an adjustable chest belt with a easy snap on/off buckle and a D-ring on the back to hook any standard leash onto the harness. Even if this harness was developed with smaller breeds in mind, over the past few years, Puppia has added larger sizes to accommodate larger dogs.

Collar vs. Harness

There is nothing wrong with using a collar and a leash on a dog, as people have used them for a very long time. A collar is a good functional tool when training your dog to walk on a leash. The use of a collar can now and again cause strains in your dog’s neck and trachea and for small breed dogs, this can be very dangerous. Smaller breed dogs have small necks and small necks have fragile throats and tracheas. Using a collar can now and again lead to a collapsed trachea and cause respiratory problems. A harness is designed so that when a dog is walking on a leash and it pulls forward, the pressure is distributed all the way through the dogs’ chest preventing the dog from choking and hurting its throat.


The Puppia Soft Harness comes in a variety of sizes from Extra-Small (i.e. 2-3 lbs dogs) to Extra-Extra Large (i.e. 60-70 lbs dogs). It is important to to measure your dog properly and the image below will help you measure your dog properly. Just like us humans, individual dogs vary in size and physique, so choosing a size based on a list of breeds should only be used as a suggestion. At all times use actual measurements from your dog taken with a tailor’s tape measure or even a piece of string and then lay it against a yardstick. As a rule of thumb, if your dog is in between sizes, please go up a size. For the Soft Harness, some of the important measurement you’ll need is the dog’s neck measurement. Since this harness has to fit over the dog’s head, please make sure the harness’ neck opening if large enough to fit your dog’s head through. The dog’s neck should be measured at the place where a collar would naturally rest (base of neck). It is important to to take the measurement at the base of the neck, otherwise you’ll wind up with a harness that is too tight or won’t even fit over the head.

IMPORTANT: Unlike human clothes, pet apparel designers have different sizing characteristics, so please do not purchase a Puppia harness based on the size of another manufacturer/designer. Also, just because your dog is small to you, does NOT mean it automatically fits a size small harness. You have to take various measurements into consideration before you purchase this harness. All dogs are built differently and some dogs have very deep or broad chest, whereas some dogs have a large head compared to their body. So please make sure you measure as it should be and make sure your dog’s head can clear the neck opening of the harness, as this portion is NOT adjustable. If you are looking for a harness that is adjustable around the neck, as well as chest, we suggest trying a Puppia Superior Harness or Puppia RiteFit Harness. Both are available through Amazon.com.


Below are some pictures of the Soft Harness being worn by various different sized dogs. When sized properly, the harness should rest below the neck (right around the shoulders), which allow the harness to distribute the pressure evenly across the chest and prevent any choking.

Authentic Puppia Soft Dog Harness made out of 100% Polyester. The size chart measurements are the dimensions of the actual product.
Adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle Comfortable padded neck opening. Make sure all measurements fit within the dimensions with a room to spare in the chest and neck.
Machine washable, but hand washing and air drying are recommended
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